Streamlined Sales Process that Explodes Conversion


Brookes Bruno is a high-level business development, marketing, and sales entrepreneur specializing in business and consumer financing, sales management, sales funnels, and new product development. Since 1992, he has worked with “brick and mortar” and “click and mortar.”

Brookes Bruno
Brookes Bruno

Experienced in B2B & B2C

Brookes has a talent for sales processes, sales management, and revenue generation within multi-million dollar corporations. He is well-versed in building rapport with well-known large corporations while speaking with C-level executives within the organization. Combining his extensive expertise in the B2B & B2C sales process, he introduces financing for increased conversion rates.

Online & Offline Strategies

For over 20 years, Brookes has been a professional sales speaker, sales trainer, and sales consultant. He developed online and offline strategic marketing strategies with efficacies in conversion and helped companies build customers, relationships, and their bottom-line.

Brookes Bruno
Brookes Bruno

Small to Large Businesses

Brookes has assisted large and small businesses to achieve market dominance through specific sales and referral strategies designed to out-market, outsell, and out-service the competition.

Right Consumer Financing Lender Mix

Capital Inc.'s own money, proprietary tailored consumer financing lenders, and customizable consumer financing solutions erase the burden in figuring out what lender is best for your business. Brookes applies the right consumer financing lender mix to the right products, consumer traffic and creates a streamlined sales process to enhance conversion rates.

Brookes Bruno